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  • Default selection. Allows you to casually browse the map.
    • If you hold down Cross and move the DPad, you can shift the entire map in that direction, one tile at a time.

Put Object

  • This option only works when an individual area is selected for the current map.
    • If your map view is set to "All Area" the controls for this function will be disabled.
  • Square button brings up the Object Select menu.
    • Highlight "N000" and toggle through your desired selection with left and right on the DPad.
    • Press Cross to select and place the desired object. A series of additional options will now display.
  • Y modifies the Y Axis of the object. Negative values are higher in height, positive are lower.
  • RX, RY, and RZ modify the rotation of the object on the X, Y, and Z axis respectively.
  • SX, SY, and SZ modify the scale of the object on the X, Y, and Z axis respectively.
  • FlowU and FlowV control horizontal and vertical movement of animated textures. (Where applicable.)


  • This option allows you to manipulate the existing terrain of the map.
    • If you wish to create new Vertex tiles, see the "Texture" section later for more details.
  • Square button brings up the Vertex Tools menu.
    • Highlight "Y Inc. and Dec." and toggle through your desired selection with left and right on the DPad.
    • This will set the amount of incremental force that will be applied when using the vertex editor tool.
  • The "Precinct Vertex" option determines whether your modifications impact the surrounding tiles or not.
    • If set to "Off" you will only modify the positioning of the current vertex only. However if set to "On" any changes you make to the current vertex will adjust surrounding tiles as well. This can be particularly useful to toggle between when attempting to create realistic slopes, or when attempting to make very precise edits without altering the surrounding environment.
  • There is an "Invisible" third option also present in this menu.
    • It acts the same as the "Area" option in the main editor window, and allows you to toggle between individual chunks.
  • To modify a vertix, simply hover your cursor over the desired tile, hold Circle, and press up or down on the DPad.
    • You can toggle between vertex face selection with the L2 and R2 buttons. This allows for precise modification of the terrain from every angle.

Geo Effect

  • This option allows you to place Geo Effect panels on the map.
  • You can toggle between Geo Panel colors with the L2 and R2 buttons.
    • Once your selection is made, simply hover over the tile of your choice and press Cross.
    • To remove a Geo Effect tile, simply toggle through the colors until your selection is "Null" and then overwrite the existing tile with "Null" to clear it.